About Us



DOKTORA is a private clinic for dental & medical services. Built in January 2020 and legally registered as KLINIK UTAMA DOKTORAthis clinic has complete modern equipment & sterillization, well-trained nursing staff, system management clinic and patient relation officer.

The clinic ambience is warm, chick & cozy, with a soft music and smell of Jasmine all around, we make sure that our staff will be happy to help a Doctor and patient as well


Come and feel the experience yourself !

We put highly to “right of self determination”


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Why Choose Us?

Open from 8 am until 8 pm Monday to Saturday, we believe that its enough time for us to help our patient for their appointment even we provide a special Front Officer who will settle it just for you.

As our aim to serve more people, to help more patients, DOKTORA give an affordable, fair price for our patient.

The system that DOKTORA  created taht made us enable to do that.